Coenergie is a company which has been established since 2013 and focused on individual engineering consulting. Since investing and directing new factory – Salatiga in the beginning of Sept’17, the founder and partners is willing to share offer his consulting ability in manufacturing / production,mechatronics (Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Informatics) through supplying, drawing, creating and training. Coenergie offers full range of engineering consulting and willing to help and solve the customers’ problem by discussing and working together. Coenergie is directing its works and contribution to Indonesia’s Manufacturing development.

Coenergie promotes/supplies/uses only quality materials/ equipment for its making/selling-products. Coenergie also encourages people/customers to have a discussion with us regarding their problems which need to be solved. Furthermore, Coenergie cooperates with future partners , who want to build/develop their businesses by giving training, motivation and others useful information.

Unique Value and Capabilities

Besides serving as an engineering consulting in mechatronics and manufacturing fields. Coenergie has a geographically diversified on going projects in other consulting fields, such as education and management, which can only offered upon request. Instead

Trusting your projects to Coenergie and Coenergie will give you only the best work. And if the result still does not fulfilled your expectation, you don’t need to pay at not further obligation.


Coenergie has the capability of doing excellent work and research. Coenergie’ best team of professionals works closely with customers/ project owners to provide them with peace-of-mind solution for all of their needs. Coenergie works:

  • By discussing to make sure that the target is reachable and deliverable correctly.
  • By researching & simulating to have an analytical view of problem solving.
  • By presenting the result to get fully understanding of customers.

Corporate Subsidiaries & Its Disciplinary Strength

Core Services

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