Consulting Concept

  • by means of cultural approach. It will make customers easier to understand the situation/problems and it encourages them to have further discussion.
  • use a face-to-face meeting and having a high quality discussion to find out what previous knowledge customer have and what problems need to be solved.
  • reflects the most recent knowledge in training and learning research.
  • is varied and in communicative way.
  • is oriented to topical and intercultural subject matter.
  • project themes/problems are based on regional culture, and research tasks provide a variety of opportunities & information to approach the problems.
  • project Management platform (under construction) provides information, innovative and flexible consulting opportunities.

Employee / Staff

  • are specially trained and skilled in mechatronics & manufacturing fields.
  • able to speak English, Indonesia & German during work, consulting & discussion.
  • have experience in working with people from different countries and cultures.
  • regularly will receive further training from us, so that they are always up-to-date with the latest developments in consulting and research.
  • inform you of your project results/achievements on a regular basis, and advise you as to how you should approach your continued/new project most effectively.


  • Experience full variety of consulting-support. If you trusting your project to us, you will have access to our research journal/libraries (under construction), as well as being able to participate in numerous Trainings/events.
  • Customer satisfaction is one of the most important goals of our work. For this reason we will operate a quality management system that is nationally standardized. This ensures that the consulting approach and training at all branches comply with uniform standards.

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