• We solve customer’s problem by engaging directly to where the problem located.
  • We promote knowledge of Indonesian engineers and professionals abroad
  • We foster international cultural cooperation.
  • We convey a comprehensive image of Indonesia’s manufacturing/production by providing information about cultural, social and political life in our nation.
  • We encourage our workers and interns to have intercultural dialogue and enable cultural involvement.
  • We will create enduring trust and have a long-lasting partnerships with leading institutions and individuals worldwide.
  • We are willing to be a partners for all who actively engage with Indonesia and English/German spoken countries, working independently and without political ties.


  • Working with internationally recognized standards in engineering consulting.
  • Running consulting company, writing and publish articles, compiles training/teaching materials, trains customers, contributes to scientific research and participates in technological development initiatives.
  • Monitoring trends in Germany, English spoken country, Indonesia and also encourages cultural collaboration across the globe by organizing programs of events and making contributions to various technological events and exhibitions in the fields of mechatronics, manufacturing/production, IT-Services and management.
  • Facilitating libraries and information centers, forums for discussion, diverse print-, audio- and video-publications.
  • Aiming for our interns/workers, promoting international discourse on the key concerns of what is becoming an increasingly global society.
  • In Indonesia, we are present in many cities as a partners for engineering consulting.
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